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Pixel Art / Re: thoughts on a "finished piece" (C+C)
« on: Today at 02:09:32 am »
Well it might just feel a bit more natural, especially once you know more about anatomy because there are certain areas where bones are closer to the surface and others where they are beneath lots of muscle. One thing to be mindful of is that, even though the cranium is a sphere, the facial bones stick out and down from it. I say this especially because your first image had a very small head that mostly only took into account the sphere.

Pixel Art / Re: thoughts on a "finished piece" (C+C)
« on: Today at 12:37:14 am »
Don't think of it as a wireframe, think of it more as a simplified skeleton. And to answer your question, some people can afford to skip steps, but that's an easy way to screw up and have to do it all over again. Happens to me all the time.

Great words from wilabee  :y:
I too think the light peaking through the canopy can work, it just has to be in the right setting. Usually in backgrounds like this, the background goes deeper and deeper into a forest, with no end in sight, but right now you have only a few rows of trees making it feel much less expansive, and it lessens the effect of the light.

I encourage you to go get lost in the good reads section a bit. There are multiple examples of well done trees. Right now the leaves are too big and cartoony. The common trope in video games and anime has always been to develop the environments more, because you didn't have to animate them. It's a concept that works well and should probably only be discarded if you have a specific reason to.

Do you have any game inspirations for this background? That would help is a lot in developing the right style and detail level.

Ah ok I see, yeah it does suck how expensive art can be. There is always pencil and paper, but I know that's not as sexy as paint or digital. Do you have a scanner or a decent camera? We have the ot creativity thread and the anatomy thread here that might be more useful to you. That way you wouldn't have to be pigeonholed into doing pixel art when you'd rather be doing art art! I'm a fine artist myself, and many members here are pretty skilled in the more illustrative departments, so you're not alone in your love of stuff other than pixels.

Also, it might take some digging, but if pixel technique is not your end goal, and you don't have a tablet to easily digitize your own drawings, we have a line art thread somewhere where you could color other people's already pixeled lines and the focus could be more about color, which is more generally useful.

For what could be improved on the piece, it depends on what you're going for. Right now it's symmetry and lack of perspective makes it look like a design motif. Is that what you're going for? If not, you might have to scale things up a bit so that you could create in a more representational manner. There is some banding going on in the machinery thing, and there's some things that could be done to possibly make the golems read better, but it would all be a matter of a few shifted pixels; not really a road one needs to go down if you don't care too much for pixel art.

edit: also a little blurb that may or may not be helpful on attitudes toward critique. Artist's MUST be thick skinned to improve and be successful. But it's just that, the skin. On the inside most of us are all soft and gooey and sensitive, artists almost have to be, because our passion relies on our ability to sense and perceive the world around us. Even non personal critique can and will hurt because our work is an extension of ourselves. So while your freaking out, going nuts, etc might be a bit extreme given your disorder(s) the feelings behind it are something that all artists get, and it's totally ok. Get that out there, and then later, come back when you're in a place where you can see the points objectively and learn from them ( Easier said than done, of course).

but I do feel like a number of people here look at themselves on this holier than thou level and they kind of poo poo on other people's stuff at a level beyond just critiquing. Or maybe I'm just hardwired to see the worst in any situation? I don't know!

Damn, are we really that bad? :-[ I would't mind seeing some examples of posts you find might would be offensive/ damaging ( you can do so in pm if you'd like) I've always considered pixelation serious yes, even hardcore sometimes, but always with the best intentions.

You mention the "pixel art" of this board as separate from the "pixel art" as a whole. I totally get where you're coming from, but a lot of stuff that happens in more "modern" pixel aesthetics, such as high color counts, low contrast, banding etc have been discussed at length, and I think it's safe to say that in most cases, "correcting" these things does improve pixel art in a somewhat objective manner ( where the original artist can see it's better, and a larger group of people agree it looks better.)

Perhaps we just want to bring everybody to the dark side of the pixel.  ::)

As for your piece, do you really want a doodle critiqued? It's cool for what it is, palette is fine, concept is cool, dark side pixel stuff could be improved upon. Have you seen the Daily sketch thread in the challenge and activities forum? It might be a better place for something like this.

If you're into game art, This would be really cool to see as a mockup scene. It would be a more serious effort, but serious and fun aren't opposites!

Friend has some good words for the situation ( what a great username for this sort of thing, too) no one here is attacking you, and even if they were, just use that as fuel! Back when I first came here I was actually put under fire for people who thought I was just color reducing images and passing it off as pixel art. But I knew what I was doing and that the community had great stuff to offer so I took on more of a " I'll show you, guy!" attitude that eventually settled down into an honest respect for improving my craft.

Pixel Art / Re: Dirty indexed sub-pixeling animation in Photoshop and more.
« on: February 28, 2015, 06:21:29 pm »
Dan Fessler is actually our very own Indigo. You can see the thread with more discussion on the technique here:

It's certainly awesome stuff for specific tasks. Cool to see it being applied to animation too ( no matter how dirty it may feel)

Pixel Art / Re: Dark Souls GBC Demake
« on: February 27, 2015, 11:20:03 pm »
rikfuzz: Thanks! :D yep, it's definitely a more modern sensibility( or at least, not something that was done too often on gbc from what I can tell) which I like, and what makes this stuff fun with me: looking at old things through new lenses.
Helm: Definitely thought about you when I decided to be gutsy enough to try it!
I want it all, heheh. But you're right, some major downsizing and a different approach was in order. I analyzed our boy ganon to realize some things:
- A more top down perspective can " hide" the scale of the demon in a way where we can more easily assume he's big, rather than having to show it through verticality.
- Really utilizing the sprites to their fullest, going as close to the border as possible makes him feel cramped in his space.  This might be getting falsely meta, but even when he's put in the environment, it gives off the feeling that it's too small for him.
Do you have any opinion on the perspectives btw? Would be interested in hearing your take.

Kazuya Mochu: haha I don't know about all that, but thanks for the encouraging words!  :crazy:

ptoing: Yep, I had that in the back of my head. rationalizing some of it with the idea that the player would want to be as far away from the boss as possible in most cases. I think I remember that it ditches sprites when it exceeds the maximum; I wonder if that priority could be set in favor of anything in particular. If the weapon selection were to be sprites ( which I don't think I can afford it to be) it would be way too easy to go past that limit.

 Speaking of which, alongside a new asylum demon that I'm very happy with and doesn't break the (sprite) bank, I've been testing out new huds, none of which I think are overly succesful. Would be interested to see if anybody else has any ideas

I wonder how the horns would have to be handled, due to their position the worst cast scenario they would be considered 4 sprites, 2 at best.

Tested to see how Ganon would look in here inspired me to ditch the previous method.

Don't know if the staggered overhang of the items could be done without sprites

Cramps up a lot of the vertical space, which is already limited

A lot of games do this, notably metal gear solid. Works for them, seems to tactical for this.

an image from Mario Tennis that has me perplexed as to how this text box is done. Can't be windowed mode, as it would have to be anchored to a side. May be tiles if nothing else scrolls during the cutscene ( most probable) yet it only uses 3 colors which makes me think it could be sprites. Also wondering how the text was done as it doesn't seem to be tile based.

l l l l: Thanks! although I can't take much credit for the design, It's mostly just referenced from menus in the game itself! Biggest roadblock so far has been the 40 sprite limit, but the challenge is fun!

General & Creativity / Re: Lets talk about the dress
« on: February 27, 2015, 09:58:19 pm »
I'm partially red green colorblind and when I first saw this image, it was definitively white/ gold for me. Then after researching a couple websites I saw the comparisons and such, and was able to see how it could be perceived as blue/ black. NOW whenever I look at it, I can ONLY really see blue/ black ( I wonder if this is because I have now seen the picture confirming it's blue/ black nature?). I also wonder if through compression from reposting etc if the rgb values may have been changed ( or people have tampered to prove their side).

Quite a weird conundrum on color and perception to say the least.

Pixel Art / Re: Dark Souls GBC Demake
« on: February 27, 2015, 06:13:47 am »
Man this sprite limit is a lot more restrictive than I thought it would be. 40 sounds like a lot, but it adds up quick. The character with sword and shield is 6 already, and I was planning on some of the hud stuff being sprites too. My first take at the asylum demon ran in at 32 sprites- without wings or a hammer. I slightly more anorexic take brought me down to 24, but suffers a lot for it. I would imagine the hammer alone would have to be at least 6-10 to look impressive enough.

Perhaps I could make the boss smaller, and the environment smaller too so that he still feels large. Either that or I would have to craft some sort of set up where part of him is stationary tiles ( torso/ head) with only his arms and feet moving. hmm...

In the mean time I also completed the oscar cutscene mock up. I'm sure the application of the palettes are a mess, but right now it's just a thought experiment more than the perfect execution.


32 mockup with a hammer that would send me way over the limit

Pixel Art / Re: Dark Souls GBC Demake
« on: February 26, 2015, 02:58:26 am »
Thanks for the wisdom hawken! 8 palettes at any time frees me up quite a bit.
Can you think of any way that my current item set up would work with 4 colors? Or if i wanted to overlay with that diamond shape would each have to be sprites of 3 colors only? I assume windowed mode couldn't show a shape like that?

Anybody got any inspirational/ inventive low color UI stuff or is it all necessarily pretty boring given restrictions?

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