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Pixel Art / Re: Tree :(
« on: September 07, 2014, 04:02:20 am »
You've got the basic idea. break it up more.

General & Creativity / Re: Modern day pixel art?
« on: September 02, 2014, 12:23:29 am »
 I'm not a fan. The quality of the animation is perplexing usually, too. Horrible pixel art with great animation. But hey, it works. ( for some)

It is kind of funny that pixel art is linked with an inherent nod to games past, yet this style never existed until well past the 2000's

Animation / Re: Castle Fade: Animation
« on: August 29, 2014, 12:12:07 am »
Probo: Much improved, thank you! The recoil adds some weight and character that I've been looking for!

Hamenopi: Thanks! I didn't really have a Tengu in when creating this, but I guess it sort of fits the bill! Raven's have a relationship to the evil queen in this game and so that's where the form of this character stems from.

llll: I might push the run anim even more; I want it to look super badass  :hehe:
Look closely. There are frames after each main strike with subtle movements.

Animation / Re: Castle Fade: Animation
« on: August 28, 2014, 03:48:52 am »
Thanks :D

I like your edits with the attack. I tried the double spin, but for some reason yours look better. Maybe I need to make some unique frames for them to feel more "official".

I increased the lean and made the sword more static. It definitely looks better but I don't know if it's exactly what I want.


Starting to kind of get the hang of this whole animating thing. Maybe.

Animation / Re: Castle Fade: Animation
« on: August 26, 2014, 10:18:34 pm »
Thanks! I'll see what I can do with the rope climbing animation. At this size and this color count I sometimes forget what pixels are indicating what! That one actually uses 6 frames I think, more than enough to do stuff.

Here's an animation with a bit more going on. I'm fairly pleased with it as a first attempt, but I would love to push it more. It was supposed to feel like Artorias's spin attack if you know the reference.


I learned a lot with this run, but he feels too dorky :[ Also, any tips on keeping the sword more consistent, less wobbly?


pokeglitch, that looks absolutely amazing! The black background gives the battle a cinematic feel reminiscent to the nidorino vs gengar cutscene, and that's a great thing.

a few concerns:
- where would trainer's remaining pokemon be shown?
- will you have "HP" in the HUD at all? without it things get to be a bit nebulous up there
- do you plan on making exp shown in hud? It's pretty important!

Animation / Castle Fade: Animation
« on: August 25, 2014, 06:05:10 am »
Hey Everybody. You guys might remember a little thread I posted for gbjam- a question regarding circular platformer staircases. ( Thanks for all the replies!)

 We ended up not making the deadline for GBJam, but we are still going to make the game! You can see it's project page on gamejolt:

Anyways, the animations were of course rapidly done and mostly half assed, but part of that is because I still don't have the knowledge to whole-ass animation. I will update this thread with animations as I come by them, and I am asking for critique on any and all of them! I would still like to keep frame counts low, perhaps 6-8; currently I basically only know how to structure 4 frame walk/run cycles

There is no typical. Everybody has different speeds depending on what they're working on ( tiles, sprites, animations, low color count, high color count)  and what their skill level is/ how well they utilize their workflow.

Kirby: I'm so glad we've inspired you! I too have been extremely impressed with the work that has come out of this commercial critique challenge. What I like most about these activities, and pixel art in general, is that restrictions breed creativity, and there are a lot of creative solutions evident in the work here. Good luck on your project, and when you get to that point, feel free to message any of the users here to ask permission to use their work :]

Pixel Art / GBjam: circular staircase in platformer?
« on: August 05, 2014, 09:30:20 am »
 So I'm working on a game for gbjam, and I am stumped as to how to proceed with something I'd like included in the game: a circular corridor with a winding staircase that the player would traverse. I feel like it's been done before, but I can't remember where I saw it.

Does anyone know of how I could proceed with with this? I don't exactly know how movement would be shown while also generally keeping the character in the same spot.

here's how much you would see on screen at one time

and an early sketch of what the background might would look like?

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