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Pixel Art / Re: [C&C] [WIP] RPG Tiles
« on: July 03, 2015, 08:24:59 pm »
Hey bloody, we don't allow double posting here without considerable content update. If you have a smaller update or a new question, you can edit your latest post and it will say " new" next to your topic without bumping it. Don't steal all the attention from everybody else!

Great critique in here, and great improvement from you so far.

There is definitely more you can do to get the same 'character' as in the concept piece. Here are some examples from sword of mana ( sorry for the blurry images) that show the more organic approach to architecture. Just because your assets are composed of tiles, doesn't mean they have to look that way.

« on: June 29, 2015, 07:42:48 pm »

Hey there,

The first thing I noticed before even worrying about the technique of the mud walls is how close in value everything was. if you were to squint your eyes, you wouldn't be able to know what was going on in the image.

Here are some variations you could think about. one of them changes the value and hue of the mud ( might not be good for mud, better for rocks) and the other lightens the grass. The final lightens the grass and darkens the mud slightly, keeping all hue intact

good luck on your project  ;D

Hey Alex, I saw the v1.0.19 update video, awesome stuff. Love what you did with the background  :D Not only does it look better, but it makes you feel like you're already in a world, and all you need to do is create stuff to fill it up!

Does the registration purpose include future updates?

Pixel Art / Re: new 16px knight hero dude
« on: June 09, 2015, 01:35:06 am »
What were your reasons for wanting to make a new sprite? I too prefer the original, but the new one would be cool as an armor upgrade or something. Both of course are nice sprites, and the animation is super cute.

Pixel Art / Re: 32px orc
« on: June 07, 2015, 06:09:06 pm »
I agree. I was wondering what wolfenoctis was doing with the speculation highlights and smoother forms, made the pecs almost pillowy. However, the more filled out mass of the abdominals of course makes more sense.

Pixel Art / Re: 32px orc
« on: June 06, 2015, 08:41:01 am »
Awesome sprite. Actually has the slightest hint of St0ven to it.

I get what hapiel is saying, and tried to address it in my edit, with mixed results. The idea is as it goes down and back in space, it should get darker, and the forearm, coming forward out should catch the light. This goes for both forearms actually.

I also made a diagram with way more information than is necessary for the sprite. The forearm is like a squashed cylinder tiled on an axis to fit the rotation of the bones inside ( radius and ulna), and then out from that, the wrist squares off, interlocking at a similar, but not necessarily same, angle. Bridgeman is great at illustrating this.

Pixel Art / Re: Berserk (NES) mockup
« on: June 03, 2015, 09:42:26 am »
Probo: Hey, thanks! Your edit would be perfect for the older version of him, but he's actually relatively young in this scene. Me and Cyan were talking about it a bit back. Not only does his face change as he ages, but the creator takes so much time off inbetween chapters, that his style changes as well! Either way I like how you minimized the scar a bit, will have to put that in.

Kasumi: AH I FORGOT. I should've known it wouldn't be that easy. Regardless, The new version should fit the rule, I don't mind the artifact-y nature of the new border.

Oh man, that is the best kind of wink ever. Seriously thanks for doing that, too cool!It feels so official on that dusty TV ;]

251 tiles is much more than I hoped. I might get around to redoing the background with more clever tiling.

It's crazy how much it takes off the top and bottom, I'm probably cutting it at the bare minimum with the single tile clearance, but that's ok with me, as long as the names can be read.

Here's the latest version, without sprites ( wink)

And here's where I'm at with the boss encounter. The idea would be that you would have a special option to hide behind the foreground pillar to get a chance to see how his moves work. He would strike it, and deal damage to it ( taking 2-3 hits to break) and then you would be left to battle him on your own. I honestly have no idea how I would go about justifying the boss. He would almost have to be a combination of tiles and sprites, and it would be about trying to reuse as many 8x8 assetts as possible while still maintaining an organic look.

This is the encounter that the battle is meant to replicate:

Pixel Art / Re: Berserk (NES) mockup
« on: May 30, 2015, 09:07:19 am »
Kullenburg: Thanks! That definitely shows it's form off a lot more. I will probably try to make a version similar to that, that doesn't use too many tiles.

Kasumi: I think to be safe, I push the limits of of the standard, non epic cartridges. The 16x16 region is a unique restriction that I would like to learn to work under, rather than throw in the towel and go for the epic.

That seems like it would be enough. There would probably only be a few different enemy types and a boss or two. But yes, let us not get ahead of ourselves there x]

Man, I really thought you could help me out on that one. His stance is pretty is pretty iconic for the scene. Maybe during the cutscene only he would be a combination of background and sprite, and then during battle he could change to all sprite with a better positioned sword? Or this could just be a net presentation version and I alter the sword angle for the sprite in the " real" version.

I was actually going to ask you if you had an easy to use tile counter for images like this? I also would like to make things fit in the 256 tile limit ( I would probably make a version with  text done the easy way to run through it). If I can get the screen to be 256 or less always, then the handling of the portraits would be much easier.

I made a more Television Safe version, the sides aren't too much of a problem. Please don't make me move anything else though  :'( The health and stamina bars going off screen don't matter too much as you would still have the numerical readings easily in sight.

I wasn't so much asking for the sword alone using 8x16 sprites, but rather the characters themselves. But it does sound very complex and other than the scanline limit, amount of sprites is not currently a problem, nor would it be the way I would intend things.

From doing a lot of GBC mockups, I've always wondered how sprites and tiles work. Are they essentially the same except sprites are transparent? Or are there any interesting differences/ limitation that one can do and not the other? Also related, I've seen some games actually utilizing a screenshake effect. How is that done exactly? If I remember correctly, i've seen it done two ways, where the sprites stay still, or also move along with the screen, but I may be  making that up in my head.

I don't know if that wink is just the standard " isn't it always" wink, or an invitation, but if you might happen to know a berserk fan/ NES programmer, you should definitely link them this thread :D

Thanks again for chiming in. I plan to make a boss encounter scene which should be chock full of issues as well.

Animation / Re: Looking for sprite feedback
« on: May 30, 2015, 08:19:03 am »
Hey there, Nice little character you got here!

There are some great animators here on this board, but I'm not one of them. Lets see what we can do here.

You're doing some weird things with his legs that don't fit well in the cycle. When I think of even number walk cycles, I think in terms of 2 contact frames and 2 pass position frames, with however many inbetween frames you want. Getting these main key frames down and correctly spaced is important for the walk to feel right.

Frames 1 and 3 are the contact frames, where both feet are touching the ground ( one on it's toes, the other on it's heel). Frames 2 and 4 are pass position frames, where the weight is shifted to another leg; one leg is mostly straight, the other with a bent knee coming up and forward.

I also changed some proportions and such on the character for my own amusement, he seems like a jolly little kid walking on the block; feel free to disregard the style choices I made like the head tilt and how far the arms are swung.

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